Refugees and their sufferings

They fled their homes to save themselves

What are we going to do about the refugees, what are our responsibilities? Are we going to help them? For what crime are they refugees?

They fled their homes to save themselves with very little that they could carry on their backs. They fled in a fear from not just death but they fled persecution. They did not want to be beaten, killed or tortured, it is very sad. Should we not help them?

The simplest way to understand the root cause of their situation is, political leaders decide and bomb another country and the world end up with some more refugees. Sometimes some political leaders decide to persecute a specific group of people with specific religions. Currently it is mainly the Muslims, but in the past, it happened to the Jews. The refugees are the sheer victims of extreme violence.

In America viewer’s discretions is used when it comes to showing any violence. That is why they do not know what it is that the refugees are fleeing from. If they knew they probably would be the most compassionate of people. I personally cannot watch most of the violent videos and images myself and I appreciate the viewer’s discretions feature. But as the numbers of refugees are becoming outrageously large, we are starting to get glimpses of news, images and videos that are heart-wrenching.

According to the UNICEF’s data there are over 25 Million refugees in the world! Can you imagine? 25 Million! That is a lot of people living in shelters with almost no food or drinking water. And, some of these refugees have been refugees for over eight years or ten years! Children are growing up in the refugee camps without any education and a proper childhood, they constantly see how sad their parents are, their childhoods are robbed. And for what crime? This is so sad.

There are many organizations that are pouring out their hearts and souls to help these people, but nothing seems to be enough. More is needed. Many countries have taken in millions of refugees. There are some countries that have taken them in temporarily, at least that is something, then again, that puts them in uncertainty, that they may wonder, after their temporary situation where would they go. A very sad situation. Many celebrities became involved as they are trying to raise money to help the refugees. They go there and see it for themselves and there is no turning back for them.

I wish countries would take them permanently. When I was little, I read in a children’s book a story that stayed with me. During a heavy rain an ant found shelter under a mushroom, pretty soon another creature came and asked the ant if he could get inside the mushroom, another someone came after that and they never refused, they continued to take them in, the little mushroom umbrella was finally full, but by then the rain stopped, the sun came out, there was a beautiful rainbow too and they no longer needed the mushroom umbrella, little did they realize while they were inside of the mushroom, was that the mushroom was also growing the entire time it was raining. But they did not need that assurance that the mushroom would grow to show their kindness. Eventually they did not even need the mushroom. Through humility we surround ourselves with new friends and a much better life that we could never have otherwise.

According to Islam, it is God that provides. If we only were open to help, it would be very nice for those refugees who had been persecuted and were left with no other choices but to flee. But our reward will be immense as well.

Diversity is another factor in winning people’s empathy. Most of the refugees are Muslims. And there is a fear amongst the American people about the Muslims. This fear was created over the past twenty years since 9/11 of 2001 by portraying and stereotyping Muslims as bad people, but the Muslims are not bad, the Muslim refugees are not bad, they are just human beings, suffering and in dire need of help. A vast part of the American people do not know about the good Muslims, they only know about the tiny fractions of the Muslims that were bad, that are bad. There are small fractions of bad people also exist amongst other religions and that does not make the entire religion bad.

So, here we are. Life goes on whether we do our parts or not, it is our own loss with our Lord that we are not able to help the needy in God’s earth. It is our test. Should we not try to help?

Thanks for reading. Peace.