Arabic Letters

A fascinating language

The Arabic language is very interesting. It stats from the right side of the line. So, when you pick up an Arabic book, such as the Arabic Quran, it would start from the right side, opposite of an English book. The Arabic language has singular, dual and plural for almost all words, not only that, it has feminine and masculine versions for words, for example, a book or a kitabu is a masculine word and a car or saiyaratu is a feminine word. Amazing! Who knew, right.

There are 28 letters and there are vowels, which are small signs that are added over, or under a letter to form a sound. The vowels are not stand-alone vowels like in English. There is a way to read the Arabic language without the vowels also! But, of course, you would have to know various different rules to do that, it is a science really. Everything is logical when it comes to the Arabic language.

“Al” in Arabic means “The.” When you see words, such as, Algebra, Algorithm, Alchemy, guess where those words might have come from. In the early history of Islam there were great scientists in Islam. They contributed immensely, such as in medicine, in mathematics or discovering soap and many other things. The world we live in today is really a team effort of various different contributions from all over the world and Islamic scholars and scientists certainly took part in it.

Arabic Numbers

They adopt to masculine and famenine words!

The numbers that we have in English were derived from the Arabic numbers. The Arabic Numerals shown in the picture, have many similarities to the English numbers. Also, Arabic numbers start form the left like the English letters or numbers as opposed to the Arabic letters that start from the right!

Some people try not to give credit to the Arabic Numerals as being the original numbering system, thinking the Hindu-Arabic numeral system developed in India was the original. But why would they call it Hindu-Arabic Numerals and have the word Arabic in there? Well, the argument could go on, anyhow, India has long Islamic History. For example, if you look at the names of the rulers of India for the past one thousand years, you will see that they were all Muslims except for the most recent 100 years. India has Hindu leaders only for the past one hundred years or so.

The Arabic numbers also adopt to masculine and feminine forms like the Arabic words do. Everything about the Arabic language is indeed very interesting.